Taleem Designated “Digital Centre”

Taleem Centre is Designated as a local "Digital Centre"

A big Thank you to all the team who have worked to get Taleem centre designated as “Digital Centre” under the Kirklees council’s local communities initiative. This is a major development for the local community and we would like to thank our local councillors who supported our application.

Our dedicated IT suite has been upgraded with new computers allowing for use by the community and local groups to gain access to the latest technology. Along with a grant to upgrade our internet connection and expand the facility to both buildings. This upgrade means that we are able to offer all our groups internet access throughout the centre, including the Community Centre building, previously we did not have a dedicated router point in the Community centre building.

Already we have new groups wanting to use the facilities to run such events as homework groups, this has become more imperative for our young people after a prolonged interruption to their education due to COVID 19 pandemic.

We will be working with all the local schools in the area to make sure that all pupils have access to the IT Suite.

We welcome inquiries from members of the community who wish to use the facilities or want simply to help us in our projects. Get in touch with us today.

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