Parking Causes Nuisance to users

Illegal parking on the private grounds of the community centre by local residents is causing a Nuisance.

Recently we have see an upsurge of illegal parking on the private grounds of the community centre by local residents.

This problem is now causing a Nuisance and inconvenience to our users who legitimate right to park in the spaces made available to them at Taleem centre.

Illegal Parking

This in turn causes ill feeling between the users and residents as they then have to park on the Orchard Street because they have no where else to park.

We implore residents to have some common sense and not use the centre car park as their own private car park. Their inconsiderate attitude causes disturbance to all users and residents.

The centre car park is not a public car park, it is a private car park belonging to the Taleem Centre for its users and such users have the right to expect spaces for parking to be available to them when they use the centre.

We do not want to drastic measures to secure the parking facilities at the Centre and therefore we again remind the relevant owners of the offending vehicles to leave the spaces free and park their cars on Orchard street near their own properties.

We have blanked out the number plates to keep the offending vehicles from being identified this time. Next time we may name and shame these owners for being anti-social. Please have some common sense.

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