Make your voice count!

Challenging Beliefs, this is your time to shape the future of Savile Town

As a resident of Savile Town, do you feel:-

  • I have no say in what goes on in my home town”
  • No one will listen to my views or take them into account when decisions are made”
  • Will my voice makes a difference”
  • What happens in Savile Town will be decided by others”

FACT: with your help, the members of Taleem centre, can influence and shape the future of Savile Town together we can make things happen!! “Taleem Centre is its members”

Maybe you think it’s too late to help or make a difference and you feel that you are the only person who cares about what goes on in Savile Town.

“Well think again”

Join  the Taleem Centre have your voice heard. Together we can plan and shape the future for the good of Savile Town.

You have the right to have opinions taken into account and the right to shape your Savile Town; the way you want it not others, together we can protect our local environment for the next generation.

If you become a member of Savile Town Community Centre (Taleem Centre) you can put forward your concerns, or proposals for discussions with other concerned  members of the community.

It’s no use moaning about decisions if we are not prepared to work towards a different outcome; it’s no good just hoping things will change, together we can challenge, and change things that are of concern to us all.

In order to establish positive changes within Savile Town, it is vital that we all become as involved as possible, any amount of time you can spare will be greatly valued

Stand-alone and we are pushed aside and disregarded”

Stand together and we become a strong force to be reckoned with”


Come and join us and make a diffrence

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