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Burst Pipe Causes Chaos in Savile Town

Major water pipe burst causes water supply to to be cut off.
A major water pipe burst causes water supply to homes in the Savile Town and Ravensthorpe areas to be cut off.

Residents woke up today to find that they were unable to wash up and brush their teeth! this was all due to a major water pipe burst in the WF13 and WF12 areas of Dewsbury, according to Yorkshire Water.

Taleem Centre started receiving calls from bewildered residents, demanding that the centre look into the matter with the concerned authorities.

Our Centre manager Lubsair Latif sprang into action and within minutes was able to identify the problem and inform concerned community members through our extensive outreach network.

We also were able to work with Yorkshire Water to organise distribution of fresh water bottles supplied Free by Yorkshire water and working in close collaboration with our partners at Ravensthorpe Community centre, we were set up emergency water distribution centre at our sites.

Throughout the day Taleem centre was in touch with Yorkshire Water to update the concerned members of the community with the latest progress and by 4:00pm of the same day, water supply was returned to normal.

Our thanks to Lubsair and his colleagues for responding quickly to the emergency and organising co-ordination efforts.

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